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AVICRYO is one of the most important Brands in AVIC Intl Hangzhou Company Limited (AVIC INTL Hangzhou), which focus on design, manufacturing and installation of complete set Air Separation Plants. We are one of the leading enterprises in China gas producing industry in scientific research and development, consultation and service, manufacture and marketing, completion of engineering project, installation and commissioning etc. We offer complete equipment and plants like Large-sized Air Separation Plants, Medium- and small-sized Air Separation Plants, VPSA plants, Hydrogen generation plants, Cryogenic cold box. Besides we can also provide gas liquefaction plant, Oxygen and Nitrogen compressor, Air compressors, all kinds of pressure vessel, cryogenic equipment, instrument and electric & instrument devices etc. We service different industrial fields such as iron & steel, non-ferrous metal refining, chemical industry, electronics, fertilizer, petroleum, aviation and aerospace, glass and enamel industry, potable water supply, biotechnology textile, machinery, energy and gasification, transportation and science research etc. 

Complete equipment and plants are our leading products. Our own design department and professional manufacture team who can provide service of ASP with production capacity from 1500 to 30000 Nm3/h and we also have the capability to supply our customers with super large air separation plants with production of 40000 to 120000 Nm3/h. The application of new technologies such as molecular sieve pre-purification system with booster expansion turbine, the rectifying column with structured packing, the cryogenic argon rectification system and internal compression process etc. has reached the world advanced level. Our company can also design and manufacture ASP as per the customers’ requirements, to produce liquid or gaseous oxygen, nitrogen and argon.
Our VPSA plant system adopts air suction adsorption and Vacuum desorption process. It includes the following main equipment: Blower, Vacuum Pump, Molecular Sieve Absorber, Buffer Tanks, Switching Valves, Instrument Control System, Electric Control System, and Compressor etc. 
Our company has a powerful technological team including the most famous experts in the field of hydrogen generation by water electrolysis, methanol decomposition and hydrogen purification. The technology of hydrogen plant has reached to the international advanced level. Through continuous striving, our Hydrogen (H2) Plant developed rapidly.

Since 1993, we have exported more than 40 complete sets of ASP, 20 sets of VPSA plants and 12 Hydrogen generation plants to Europe, Asia, Africa, and Middle East. which were highly regarded by our customers. 
Over the past two decades, Avicryo obtained rich experience on exporting Air Separation Plant, VPSA plants and Hydrogen generation plants, and created the Brand Success and opened up the market aboard with deep understanding of the market and special care for the customer.

AVICRYO is dedicated to sincere cooperation and mutual success with domestic and overseas partners in the pursuance of “Lean management, Professional service, Team work and Pursuit of excellence” by upholding the philosophy of creating more values for customer and policy of quality, safety and environment protection first.

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