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Double Ninth Festival Gathering in AVIC INTL Hangzhou Company

Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-10-27      Origin:Site

The Double Ninth Festival is falling on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month, also called the Chongyang Festival or Elderly Festival. It is established to advocate the society to respect, admire, love and help the elderly. In order to thank the company's retired employees for their efforts and contributions to the company's development over the years, the Hangzhou company took this opportunity, and specially invited the retired employees to return to the company on October 27 to gather in AVIC INTL Hangzhou company and enjoy the Festival.

The event was hosted by Mr. Wang Bing, Manager of the integrated management department. Mr. Zhou Lianbing, General Manager of AVIC INTL Hangzhou Company also attended. Nineteen retired employees in good health gathered and brought cheers and laughter of the reunion into the Hangzhou company. The group visited the company, sought for the old look and made new friends. During the talk, the elder and the new generations communicated to inherit the good spirits.

People talked about their past events and current moods. At last, the group took a picture at the reception desk of the company, everyone standing in front of the logo "China National Aero-Technology Import&Export Hangzhou Company", perfectly ending this event!



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