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ERP N9 System Final Acceptance Meeting Briefing

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-11-16      Origin: Site

      On the afternoon of November 11th, AVIC INTL Hangzhou held a final acceptance meeting of the ERP N9 system. The Business Management Department, the General Management Department and each of the Business Department displayed the main modules and functions of the ERP N9 system in the form of PPT and combined with the operation. Members of the GMOM、leaders of each of the Business Department、assistant of the Business Manager、leader of the General Management Department and ERP core operators of all departments attended the meeting.


      At the meeting, Huang Pei, the leader of the Business Management Department,  reported the overall progress of the ERP N9 project on behalf of the project team and briefly introduced the main modules and functions of the N9 system, which has done lots of optimizations and upgrades compared to the N7 system. Jin Liufeng of the General Management Department explained the actual operation process of the company’s conventional trade. On the other hand, Jin Jing of the Project Contracting Department II demonstrated the actual operation process of the complete set of equipment trade.


      Yuan Wei, the Deputy General Manager, made a speech, pointing out that the establishment of the ERP N9 system reflects the company's determination and courage to standardize internal construction and improve overall strength in the context of the impact of the epidemic and the severe international trade situation. The establishment of the N9 system depends on the hard work and cooperation of the project team and all employees involved in the project, which is a manifestation of the company's team spirit. Mr. Yuan emphasized that the design and use of the N9 system have been greatly improved, and the data generated will provide strong support for future business. In the use of ERP system, each department needs to cooperate and work together to find and feedback problems in time, to facilitate the optimization of the system, to maximize the effect of the N9 system and boost the company's business development.


       Zhou Lianbing, the General Manager, made a summary at the end of the meeting. He pointed out that the development of AVIC INTL Hangzhou needs to expand the market externally and improve strength internally. The use of the N9 system effectively integrates the functions of the company’s departments with digital methods, and achieves the integrity, confidentiality and controllability of the information, which has a significant effect on the improvement of the company’s comprehensive strength. Mr. Zhou emphasized that in the use of ERP system, firstly is to achieve data closed loop to avoid the entry of waste data; Secondly is keep the data in order to product a traceable and valuable database; Thirdly is to improve the friendliness and convenience of the system on the basis of improving the efficiency and maintaining the vitality of the ERP N9 system. Especially, the financial department should change its independent status and actively learn and connect with the N9 system to integrate into the team. Mr. Zhou finally stated that the ERP N9 system is a mirror of the company’s business collaboration in the online information system. The company should use digital methods to form a concrete and conceptual process, and use visual menus and modules to standardize work order, improve work efficiency,promote the informatization, specialization, and systemization of AVIC INTL Hangzhou, and achieve effective, orderly and lawful management within the company.



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