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Forge Efficient Team Execution——Company's 28th Anniversary Training Briefing

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-11-19      Origin: Site

    AVIC International Hangzhou Company Limited celebrated its 28th anniversary on November 18th 2021. For the celebration, the company organized a training on the theme of "Forge Efficient Team Execution". The competition in the workplace environment, which is no longer between individuals, but between the teams. How to build an efficient execution team requires the company to put various systems and tasks in place, enhance the team's combat effectiveness and competitiveness. Promoting the rapid and stable development of the enterprise has become an important issue to be solved in corporate management.


    The teacher we invited conducted a professional analysis and divided the employees into 8 types: CW, CO, SH, PL, RI, ME, TW, and FI, based on the specific role characteristics of all employees of the company. In his opinion, the employees need to find their own place in every efficient team according to their specific characters. He also believes that an efficient execution team has 8 characteristics: unified goals, candid communication, trust and respect, shared leadership, effective processes, emphasis on differences, flexibility and adaptability, and continuous learning. These characters need the company employees to have strong execution and the company has a better system process and positive corporate culture. The teacher considers the reasons for poor execution are mainly in the four aspects of execution subject, system process, benefit distribution, and organizational culture. The managers as the executive subject play a very important role in the team. A strong execution will drive everyone in the team to improve the power. But the lack of firmness of the manager's executive will lead to the weak execution of the team. Managers must not only shape the team’s execution culture, but also be good at advocating, organizing, demonstrating, and motivating the role of team building.


    Zhou Lianbing, the general manager of AVIC Hangzhou, gave a summary speech at the end of the course. He expressed the company’s determination with the red gene and practice the red spirit, which is the significance of this celebration. In the meantime, he shared the inspiration from this course: first, the company should adopts scientific management methods within future development. The employees need to find their own characteristics through professional analysis, and constantly strive to optimize their own capabilities, integrate into the team, and strive to build a better work team; Secondly, the company needs to make a change in working style to set a higher goal. New employees of the company should actively seek empowerment and continuously improve their professional capabilities. The leaders of various departments should actively accept new knowledge and new things to provide the company with the power to innovate and start businesses.




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