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Mr. Tan Ruisong, Chairman of Aviation Industry Corporation of China Ltd, Carried Out A Research in the Hangzhou Company

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2013-04-11      Origin: Site

On April 11th, 2013, Mr. Tan Ruisong, the former general manager of Aviation Industry Corporation of China Ltd (AVIC), came to AVIC International Hangzhou Company (AVIC INTL Hangzhou) for a research and greeted the management team. It was a fine weather with the pleasant spring breeze. Mr. Tan made a short visit during his schedule of meetings in Hangzhou, accompanied by Ms. Sun Yan (General Manager of AVIC International Shanghai company, Chairman of AVIC INTL Hangzhou) and Mr. Chen Tao (Secretary of the Party Committee in AVIC International Shanghai company, Director of AVIC INTL Hangzhou).

After hearing the company operation report by Mr. Zhou Lianbing (General Manager of AVIC INTL Hangzhou), Mr. Tan fully acknowledged the business development concepts for the complete air separation plants.

Mr. Tan pointed out that the Group encouraged the development of the civil product business and would implement a new round of equity reform, emphasizing that the development of civil products should persist in the "SIX NO"," NO OVERCAUTION, NO FEAR, NO SMALL QUANTITY, NO WORRY, NO AUTOCRACY, NO HINDERANCE". In particular, Mr. Tan mentioned that it was necessary for people who see the business opportunity to make decisions and let people who felt competition pressure to struggle. 

Mr. Tan also inspired the Hangzhou company team to work in great passions, take the performance as the priority and the result as the orientation and strive for a greater progress, and wished Hangzhou company a better development.

All members of the General Manager Office attended the report meeting.





  15A SKYLINE PLAZA, Hangzhou China
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