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Heaven in Southeastern China,
Metropolis of three Wu States,
Qiantang has been flourishing ever since.

(Note: Qiantang was the ancient name of Hangzhou city, first coming into being in 222 BC.)

In the late 1970s, a bore tide of reform and opening-up surged ahead in China market, starting a golden age of trade and business. To seize the opportunity, Aviation Industry Corporation of China Ltd. (AVIC) unfolded a blueprint for Zhejiang Province. At this historic moment, we AVIC International Hangzhou Company was born! We are a holding subsidiary of AVIC International Holding Corporation (AVIC INTERNATIONAL) under the control of AVIC.

Since the foundation, we have been dedicating ourselves unremittingly to exporting civil products from Chinese aviation industries overseas, promoting provincial yield abroad and introducing global advanced technology and equipment. Furthermore, we fully optimize tremendous strength of AVIC, enormous connection of AVIC INTERNATIONAL, unique geographical and cultural resources to striving to succeed.

Despite this, the path to glory is always rugged and when the going gets tough, the tough get going. After decades of exploration and improvement, we have carved out a distinctive way for development. Our business structure is emphasizing the introduction of aviation technologies and general contracting of turn-key projects as the major operation, supported by the export of electromechanical, textile and light industrial products to the world.

In 2014, a mixed ownership reform was accomplished according to the Strategic Transformation Plan issued by AVIC INTERNATIONAL. Subsequently, more vigor and vitality were stimulated in our company and a new future development came into our sight.

As the Chinese poet said, the great responsibility is to be shouldered on the tough in miles ahead, the wind-frost trace is to be refreshed off the weary before marches afar.For the upcoming new era, we are carrying on to increase the civil product export from Chinese aviation industries and strengthen the import of foreign progressive aviation technologies. Moreover, we will always bear in mind our original intention of dedicating to the Chinese aviation service, fulfil the mission that Let the world share the brilliance of China and Let China experience the wonder of the world, under the guidance of Surpassing and Leading Strategies issued by AVIC INTERNATIONAL, and build every brick and tile into the great causes of developing AVIC INTERNATIONAL and working together for a better world!

Trust is the essence of all the business ethics. On behalf of the enterprise, I sincerely appreciate all the confidence, support and love endowed on us all the way along. And please allow me to express my genuine gratitude towards all the clients and friends in the society and wish you all the best!



  15A SKYLINE PLAZA, Hangzhou China
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